Our History

In 1920, Phineas W. Sprague created The Sprague Corporation which was the core of a 100-year plan to hold the properties he had acquired in Cape Elizabeth and Scarborough, Maine and is wholly owned by his descendants. Today, The Sprague Corporation continues P.W. Sprague's legacy. It has expanded over the years to include new organizations, foundations, and companies (which can be found across the top of this website). But the mission has remained the same – to provide the necessary organizational structure to preserve the legacy that P.W. Sprague envisioned. 

While the Sprague family office has existed in its present form since the 1990s, in 2000 the decision was made to create Black Point Capital Management specifically to handle the investment management needs of Sprague family members and the more complex multi-generational financial issues faced by the family as a whole. 

A decade later, in 2010, Black Point Capital Management's investment capabilities expanded to accept clients outside the Sprague family. BPCM continues to grow, welcoming strategic partners, like-minded single and multi-family offices as well as endowments and institutions attracted to our robust investment management offerings and advisory services.