Our Approach

What is a Family Office?

A Family Office is dedicated to providing financial services, solutions, stability, continuity and objectivity to a wide expanse of family needs. Services typically include: investment, trust management, charitable strategy, budgeting, property management, insurance, taxation, and multi-generational planning and guidance.Trying to organize the disparate services to handle such diverse needs can be daunting, time consuming and expensive. A Family Office makes it easier, cheaper, and more efficient -- particularly as time passes and "family knowledge" is built up in your family office. 

BPCM coordinates between specialists in all of the following areas, while maintaining continuity, objectivity, and building "family knowledge."


Modern Management = Open Architecture

Today’s world of wealth preservation and creation requires more than investment advisers; today’s world is a world of specialists. From financial management to tax preparation to estate planning, BPCM believes that a modern family office must provide the best, most up-to-date array of services for our families. While some family offices provide these services "in-house" or through a set list of outside firms, we believe the best providers come and go. New (and better) ideas emerge. Cheaper solutions are invented. Therefore, Black Point Capital Management is based on an “open architecture” structure, using seasoned "in-house" client service professionals to facilitate the best and most appropriate outside specialists, at the time, and for the specific need, to achieve our client's goal. The strength of our team is in our years of experience in grappling with complex issues and in our ability to assemble and coordinate the team to get the job done. 

Why Black Point Capital Management?

Black Point Capital Management is a modern financial services company built on the experience of a nearly one hundred year old family office. It is independently owned and invests for its owners - our interests and yours are in alignment. Some individuals or families come to us for investment management exclusively, and then begin to ask for help with other issues or ideas as they develop. Others come to us seeking help with the re-organization of a family foundation, or in need of financial literacy programs for their children or any number of reasons. And so that is where we start. Our aim, in all cases, is to help you and your family meet your goals with integrity, confidentiality, independence and sensitivity.