Our Client Services

Family Office Services

As a Family Office, we are dedicated to providing financial services, solutions, stability and objectivity to a wide expanse of your family needs. Our services typically include investment, trust management, charitable strategies, budgeting, property management, insurance and multi-generational planning and guidance. BPCM coordinates with specialists in these areas, while maintaining continuity and helping you build family knowledge. Our aim, in all cases is to help you and your family meet your goals with integrity, confidentiality, independence and sensitivity.

Strategic Advisory Services

As a provider of Advisory Services, BPCM is your partner in acquisition review, strategic planning, and asset redeployment to capital restructuring, valuations and fairness opinions, and new project evaluation. In each case, our efforts assist clients with the development and implementation of long-term strategies through in-depth review of the organization, the industry, and the owners’ objectives. BPCM can advise your organization in strategic alternative analysis, strategic partners and capital planning.

Investment Advisory Services

BPCM’s approach to managing assets is based on common sense, but it uses the tools and techniques that large institutions employ. We build portfolios by “budgeting” risk – and then finding the best approach for managing each kind of risk. The aim of this approach it to be able to clearly answer the simple questions: what kind of return can I expect and how much risk am I taking? The goal of our philosophy is to provide you with the opportunity to preserve and / or create wealth with confidence that you can meet your goals with no more risk than needed.